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Meet TRACE – The Action Sports Tracker

by James Sheff

Trace Action Sports Tracker. Works with GoPro.


Track and analyze your performance from each session while simultaneously capturing all of your highlights with your GoPro.


TRACE – The Action Sports Tracker 


What: The Trace tracks and records stats from every surf and snow session and can hold up to 50+ sessions without syncing to your phone. It records things like GPS Mapping, Number of Turns, Speed (Max. & Avg) and much more! It will also sync to your GoPro, auto-edit footage, color correct clips, added statistical overlays and cut down on the time spent editing on the computer, keeping you outside shredding.

How: Trace has tons of built in features such as, a high frequency GPS, 2GB of memory, a powerful CPU, and many more. It can connect to your phone through its built in Bluetooth, providing you with all of the information from each session.

Why: This advanced technology is something straight out of a video game. For the first time you will be able to receive accurate stats on everything you do. You can share your data with friends or compete against others on the Trace phone app. Trace will change the way you step on a board forever!



In depth review:Trace Surf and Snow Tracker

The latest and greatest innovation to Action Sports is here, Trace’s Action Sports Tracker allows you to analyze your performance and never edit a GoPro video again. The Trace is a small disc object (about the size of a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup) that is fully mountable to a surfboard, snowboard, or skis. This tracker will provide you with information from every session, such as, how high you’re jumping in the park or how fast you went on your last wave. Ideal for Surf and Snow, The Trace will gather and store all of the information it has collected on an easy to use and accessible application, available on both the App Store & Google Play store. Trace is loaded with tons of features; a high frequency GPS, 9-axis IMU, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 2.1, 2GB of memory (enough to last 50+ sessions without syncing to your phone), a powerful CPU, and memory.


Go Pro Hero Digital Camera

Trace will easily sync to your GoPro, identifying each wave/run, keeping the action and cutting out the boring stuff. Riders have complained about not being able to efficiently store and edit the footage they have captured with their GoPro, The Trace handles all of that for you at real time. However, it doesn’t stop there! It will automatically identify your highlights, color correct each clip, and add overlays of statistics on top of your video. Trace records a wide variety of statistics such as, GPS Mapping, Air Height, Distance, & Time, Calories Burned and much more. Mount it, turn it on, and Trace will handle the rest.


Go Pro and Trace Sports Tracker Action Snowboard Photo


Check out all of the statistics Trace records:

Surf Stats:

GPS Mapping
Number of Turns
Cutback Angle, Roll, & Pitch
Air Height, Distance, & Time
Heat mapping (speed on waves)
Wave Count
Speed (Max. & Avg)
Length of Ride
Paddle Distance
Calories Burned
Number of Turns
Cutback Angle, Roll, & Pitch
Air Height, Distance, & Time
Heat mapping (speed on waves)
Snow Stats:

GPS Mapping
Air Time
Jump Height
Jump Distance
Number of Runs
Speed (Max & Avg)
Calories Burned
Time (Lift, Slope, & Rest)
Air Time
Jump Height
Jump Distance

One Plus One=Three

by Camden Margolies


With the Prolite Smuggler Surfboard Travel Bag, one plus one equals three. The Smuggler series is the perfect chance to save money on your next trip! The Smuggler was designed to hold three boards, but only shows two when opened for when you are going through a pre-flight bag check. A false bottom allows one board to be hidden perfectly when its opened. The Prolite Smuggler uses high density, 10mm foam padding and 600 denier poly. Prolite designed a top zip opening with a rail guard around the rails, combined with a large external wetsuit pocket. Prolite has it all figured out; complete with an inner mesh storage pocket, a vent to allow air flow, a key/wax pocket, reinforced nose and a flip flop opening for ease sliding your boards in and out of the bag.

“This bag was designed with the average surf traveler in mind. I normally travel with 2-3 boards and was constantly being asked ‘How many boards are you traveling with?’ by the airline, and then getting dinged for an extra board charge when I lie and say ‘two.’ They always open up the bag to find there is three. The third board can cost up to $150 on top of what you’re already paying! That is what got me thinking about designing this bag, and Timmy was the perfect guy to bounce ideas off of” said Prolite VP Micah Bundy.

“The bag pays for itself the first time you get one past the goalie.” Said Timmy Reyes, “I’m pretty stoked to have my name attached to such a functional bag, that after all these years of traveling and paying access board fees, I can finally level the playing field!”

Come to BC Surf and Sport now to pick one up


Billabong In Boca

by Camden Margolies



It’s summertime and that means it’s time to break out the surfboard and go but it also means it’s time to treat yourself to a little shopping. If you’re in Boca Raton, stop by the Town Center Mall and check out Billabong’s new outlet! They have all the essentials for summer; clothing, board shorts, sun glasses and even skateboards. But it’s not just Billabong products, oh no. They also sell Von Zipper, Element, Palmers Surf, Kustom and many more! So stop by today and get yourself ready for summer!

The store hours are:

Monday-Friday 10am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-9pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

TOWN CENTER AT BOCA RATON 6000 Glades Rd #1106-D Boca Raton, FL 33431




BC X Moüse Collab Skate Deck Out Now: Exclusive Interview

by James Sheff

Mouse griptape interview

An artist, skateboarder and just pure creative guy, Mouse, has collaborated with BC on yet another skate deck design. His newest creation blurs the line between a piece of artwork and a skateable deck. Featuring bright and vivid aesthetics, combined with the infamous quality of BC’s skateboards, this is the sickest series of decks to come out this year – No discussion.

Don’t take it from me, check out the interview below from the mastermind behind the Mouse Movement.




Congrats on your second graphic for BC, both have been extremely popular. How did you initially team up with BC to create a new graphic?

Some of my homies introduced me to Matt [Reeves] and he was already familiar with some of my stuff. So we got some of my grip in the shops and they just kinda asked if I was down to do the first board graphic and I was down to do it. Then that board popped off and the next idea was to go the series route and we decided to use four boards for one graphic.


Have you ever created a canvas graphic that covers a series of 4 decks like this one?

Not in the sense of it being printed and distributed but I have painted like four or five boards and sold them as art pieces, but never for print.


Mouse BC Skateboard Deck


What does your workflow look like for a deck series like this?

Basically, Matt saw a photo that I posted on social media of 3 boards I painted and he was hyped on that. He really liked the UFO type of art I have, so I modge podged stuff together that I’ve already done like the E.T dude and the Pizza, and I pieced it all together to fit the 4 boards.


These decks seem to have similar elements from your Abductee series, What was your inspiration behind this graphic?

When I was younger I watched a few shows on aliens when I was like 6 or 7. I remember pausing the show and sitting there and drawing this UFO character. It was one of the first things I drew when I was young. I’ve done something like this before in the LA Art District. My brother BB had a piece of an alien chick and he let me hop in and paint next to him. I went and painted a huge UFO ship abducting a person. When I came back to Ocean Side, I was super jazzed on it and hit up some people at the airport to paint the hangers.

Read the rest of this entry »


Billabong Camps Presents: Hang Loose Surf School

by Camden Margolies

Fort Lauderdale Summer Camp

Summer is finally here and what better way to enjoy the long and hot days by hanging loose at surf camp! Billabong camps and surfer, Dutch Schorn, have fused together to create a spectacular surf camp open to all ages. Hang Loose has been around since 2000 in Ft. Lauderdale and they will get you pumped regardless of whether or not you’re a beginner. The camp offers surf lessons but it also offers skimboarding, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, ocean safety and lots of fun! Surfing is a lifestyle and you’ll meet like-minded people to spend a quality summer with, sharing that lifestyle.

summer sports camp

With a Billabong sponsorship, you can tell the camp is quality. Surfboards are provided and the instructors will help you advance and if you’re an experienced surfer that wants more, don’t worry! They offer personal coaches to help you perfect your art.

   2015 Day Camp Dates:

    June 8-12 (9:00-2:30)
    June 15-19 (9:00-2:30)
June 22-26 (9:00-2:30)
June 29-July 3 (9:00-2:30)
Kids Summer Camp Activity     
July 6-10 (9:00-2:30)
July 13-17 (9:00-2:30)
July 20-24 (9:00-2:30)
July 27-31 (9:00-2:30)
Aug 3-7 (9:00-2:30)
Aug 10-14 (9:00-2:30)
    Aug 17-21 (9:00-2:30)

Head over to the Hang Loose Surf School’s website or check out their Facebook page for more info.


Landyachtz’s 2015 Longboard Collection has Arrived!

by James Sheff



It is that time of the year again; Landyachtz has released their 2015 longboard collection. Along with the collection are some familiar faces, as well as some new aditions to the Landyachtz family. The collection is broken down into 4 different series, the Freedom, Urban, Downhill, and the Progression series.

Freedom Series:

The Freedom series features a variety of differently shaped boards that are perfect for getting you from point A to B, with a lot of fun in between.

Ideal for: Cruising, free riding, and carving.

Price Range: $175.00-$242.00




Urban Series:

This collection features smaller, more compact, skateboards that are perfect for everyday transportation, fast carving and steady cruising.

Ideal for: Cruising, carving, everyday transportation.

Price Range: $129.00-$139.00



Downhill Series:

Shred the kills, handle high speeds with ease and slide for days, Landyachtz Downhill series longboards are ideal for any serious rider ready to take their skills to the next level.

Ideal for: Downhill, High Speeds, Sliding

Price Range: $228.00-$262.00


Progression Series:

Directed towards more of the street rider, the Progression Series includes smaller, more versatile, skateboards for extreme maneuverability and quick response.

Ideal for: Street, Freeride, Cruising

Price Range: $153.00-$267.00


The Sector 9 Fractal Longboard Reissue-Complete

by Camden Margolies

One of the biggest and best names in skateboarding came out with an awesome reissue of The Sector 9 Fractal Longboard. This extremely lightweight and flexible board makes it nice and easy to control. There are many qualities we riders look for in longboards but at the end of the day, we all want the same thing; something fun to ride. If that is the criteria by which the Sector 9 Fractal is to be judged, it more than lives up to the task.

The first thing to notice about the board is the design. Compared to most longboards on the market, these visuals really stand out. However, the main advantage this board has compared to similar boards is that it rides like a longer deck but turns like a shorter one. Going around turns is tight as ever which doesn’t take away going fast downhill. The board has a little flex and bounce to it but not enough to be that noticeable giving the rider a better feel for it. Basically, it is really easy to be comfortable with. You feel well seated and strapped in and that leads to security, almost as if the board is just an extension of yourself.

Going especially fast, you will produce some speed wobbles but a simple tightening of the bearings will get rid of that very quickly. The Fractal truly excels in cruising with an outstanding turn radius which makes it feel like concrete surfing. New riders can simply hop on and take off and experienced riders can enjoy the diversity this board offers.

In comparison to other boards, the Fractal is shorter at only 36 inches. Though it doesn’t have as much deck room as other Sector 9 boards, it is surprisingly durable. It has a wide 9 inch deck which is why its easy to be comfortable with. You can accomplish a lot using this board. The Fractal is an extremely attractive and fun longboard to own and ride. New riders and veteran riders alike will enjoy bombing hills and carving corners with ease. This board is only offered by BC Surf and Sport so hurry on down and pick one up!



6th Annual BC Board Swap: The Biggest Used Surfboard And SUP Event in South Florida

by Lindsay Bell

B.C. Surf & Sport 6th Annual Board Swap and Clearance Sale
Saturday May 9th, Doors Open at 8am

The biggest used surfboard and SUP sale in South Florida is back! We will have tons of used and new Surfboards and SUP boards for Sale as well as used skimboards, longboards, skateboards, wetsuits and more. Used Surfboards start at ONLY $50, New boards start at $299. We will have Used Stand-UP Paddle Boards starting at $399. You can also enjoy up to 80% off clothing, shoes and sandals!

To sweeten the pot, this year we are doing something a little different. We will have a select group of Pro Surfboards from Dusty Payne, Brett Simpson, CJ Hobgood and Eric Geiselman that we will be auctioning off to benefit earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. Bidding starts at $5!!!!

There is still time left if you want to bring in your used boards to sell at our swap to make some extra cash. We will be open today and tomorrow (5/7/15 – 5/8/15) from 10am-9pm. Call or stop in with questions. See you Saturday! BC Ft Lauderdale: 954-564-0202 1701 N Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Premium Sunscreen: The Sun Bum Pro Line

by Camden Margolies

If you’re like me, you have a healthy respect for the powerful energy of the Sun. Well, we’re happy to announce that Sun Bum has a new sun block out; the Sun Bum Pro SPF Sunscreen. It’s the ultimate way of protecting your bum from the Sun. The secret of the Sun Bum Pro’s effectiveness is the chemical composition. With the superior protection of  Zinc Oxide and natural additives like shea butter, the Sun Bum Pro SPF is more comfortable than most Zinc based sunscreens. It goes on completely clear and lacks the waxy toothpaste feel most zinc lotion offers. It’s also TSA friendly which is great for traveling!

As a waterman, I take sunscreen very seriously and have tried nearly every quality brand out there. Most products leave me with a burn, usually because the lotions rub off after contact with water. Sun Bum Pro stays on all day in any environment and I don’t walk around with that goofy blue or white tint on my face.  The PRO Line is Sun Bum’s premium mineral based sunscreen, which means you’re equally protected against the rays. The Zinc sits on top or in the first layer of skin and acts like a liquid T-shirt, reflecting all UVA and UVB rays which make this lotion very effective!

The Pro Line is already sold out on the Sun Bum web store. Luckily, we offer them for $12.99 for a 1.5 oz bottle, $14.99 for the .45 oz facestick and $17.99 for the 3 oz. So there you have it fellow Bums! Come to BC Surf and Sport, grab a bottle or a stick and try it out! See how it measures up to your preferred sunscreen brand. Once you drop your sunscreen and pick up the Pro SPF Line, you’ll truly protect your bum from the Sun!


Sunscreen that works: Surface Sun Systems

by James Sheff


 skin care sunscreen


Here at BC Surf and Sport, we are excited to announce that we now carry tons of new Surface Sunscreen products, including face sticks, lip balms, sprays, and lotions. For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Surface, you are missing out!  Surface Sun Systems was created to provide high quality sun-care products to the athletes and fans of action sports. They deliver a wide variety of sun screens that are perfect for any day in the sun, all at undoubtedly low prices.


A few months ago I tried out Surface for the first time and continue to use it on a regular basis. I have tired tons of other sunscreens but Surface seems to have one of the best formulas, my favorite is there SPF 30 Water Sport Sunscreen. This particular product includes all the features I wanted in a lotion sunscreen; water resistance, a light and clean feeling and maximum sun protection. On top of that, it is priced at only $20.00 for a 6oz tube, which lasts for a long time. Another awesome feature is that it is zinc oxide fortified, this is ideal because it protects your skin from UVA/UVB, which causes skin aging, eye damage and multiple types of skin cancer. If you’re like me, Surface’s Water Sport Sunscreen is perfect because you don’t have to worry about your sunscreen coming off in the water, allowing you to stay protected from the sun whether your in or out of the water.

Surface offers tons of other sun protection products such as their lip balm and spray sunscreen, which are both great for everyday use and protect your skin from sun damage.





Andy Scheer

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Lindsay Bell

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