Why Shop With Us?

Simple. We’re one of you! Since 1977, BC Surf & Sport has been owned and operated by surfers, skaters and just about every other “board member” in the industry. So there’s a plethora of street, swell… AND even snow cred to draw from when it comes to finding the right gear. And speaking of finding the right gear…

Product Comparison:
Not only do we have a ginormous selection from the brands you’ve come to know and love, the new and improved BCSurf.com offers a nifty option known as product comparison. With product comparison, you can compare and contrast any and every product available onsite to find exactly what fits your needs and wants – as well as your budget.  So while that money management strategy is fresh on the brain…

Free Shipping:
Who doesn’t appreciate having the kind folks in the logistics biz deliver your goods straight to your door AND not have to pay for it? BC Surf and Sport offers free shipping on orders over $75 (surfboards & paddleboards excluded), to lessen the fuss of additional billing options when checking out.

Oh yeah, billing options, might we suggest…

One Step Checkout:
Yes, indeed, the future of instant – instant gratification is already here! After all that time well spent shopping for all of your well-desired desirables, BCSurf.com’s one step checkout brings time-slashing convenience to a whole new level. Gone are the days of multi-instructional billing info, because with such purchase empowerment, the world as you once knew just got even more – less is more.

So come one, come all and treat yourself to your heart’s content at the all new BCSurf.com!