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BC X Moüse Collab Skate Deck Out Now: Exclusive Interview

by James Sheff

Mouse griptape interview

An artist, skateboarder and just pure creative guy, Mouse, has collaborated with BC on yet another skate deck design. His newest creation blurs the line between a piece of artwork and a skateable deck. Featuring bright and vivid aesthetics, combined with the infamous quality of BC’s skateboards, this is the sickest series of decks to come out this year – No discussion.

Don’t take it from me, check out the interview below from the mastermind behind the Mouse Movement.




Congrats on your second graphic for BC, both have been extremely popular. How did you initially team up with BC to create a new graphic?

Some of my homies introduced me to Matt [Reeves] and he was already familiar with some of my stuff. So we got some of my grip in the shops and they just kinda asked if I was down to do the first board graphic and I was down to do it. Then that board popped off and the next idea was to go the series route and we decided to use four boards for one graphic.


Have you ever created a canvas graphic that covers a series of 4 decks like this one?

Not in the sense of it being printed and distributed but I have painted like four or five boards and sold them as art pieces, but never for print.


Mouse BC Skateboard Deck


What does your workflow look like for a deck series like this?

Basically, Matt saw a photo that I posted on social media of 3 boards I painted and he was hyped on that. He really liked the UFO type of art I have, so I modge podged stuff together that I’ve already done like the E.T dude and the Pizza, and I pieced it all together to fit the 4 boards.


These decks seem to have similar elements from your Abductee series, What was your inspiration behind this graphic?

When I was younger I watched a few shows on aliens when I was like 6 or 7. I remember pausing the show and sitting there and drawing this UFO character. It was one of the first things I drew when I was young. I’ve done something like this before in the LA Art District. My brother BB had a piece of an alien chick and he let me hop in and paint next to him. I went and painted a huge UFO ship abducting a person. When I came back to Ocean Side, I was super jazzed on it and hit up some people at the airport to paint the hangers.


You have collaborated and have had your art featured on so many things, shoes, vinyl’s, grip tape, skate decks, is there any medium you haven’t touched yet that you would like to?

I’ve painted a lot of stuff, cars, surfboards, helmets, motorcycle parts; I even painted the back of a boat once. I like coming across stuff, or putting stuff together and painting it and trying to make it cool. I feel like there is so much stuff out there in the world already that if you take some time and mess with things,paint it, it would be a lot cooler and it would give it new life.


 Are you looking just to stick to making grip art or have you looked into expanding to making your own decks?


What I do right now is paint decks and offer them as limited but I just want to keep collaborating with companies and shops for decks. I want to have a lot of different relationships with board companies and I don’t want to infiltrate and step on their toes. As for now, I’m just doing grip and making my own stuff.


Aside from you collaborating with BC, are there any other interesting projects in the works?

The last project I worked on was the DC shoes collab and with that I am flying out to Paris on the Go Skate Day week for an art show to promote the shoe. I’m working on collaborating with Happy Hour and my homie Flip. I have some other stuff but can’t say much about it yet.


“I feel like there is so much stuff out there in the world already that if you take some time and mess with things, paint it, it would be a lot cooler and it would give it new life.”


I read that you might be opening a store front at your warehouse, what are your plans for that?

Right now I already have so much stuff going on that it’s hard, but it is my next thing. It’s just me and my girlfriend going in on whatever is the next crucial thing to get done. But that was one of my next ideas and we are going to spice up the warehouse and hopefully get a mini ramp for it.



With so much going on, do you still have any time to skate?

I wish I could skate everyday because I was a skateboarder before I was an artist but I do skate my local park, Prince Park. I’ve just been so focused on this company that I truly do value the time I skate, usually like once or twice a week.  Running a company with two people is so gnarly, but we are making changes and stuff should start to open up soon. Another type of thing I want to do is more events and live paintings. I like just being present, and just showing off whatever I have to offer to people and show people that I am not just a robot. Everything is art based, its not a machine doing everything it is actually a person painting.


Walk us through a day in the life.

I’ll wake up at like 9:30 and relax for a little bit, figure out between me and my girlfriend what we need to get done that day. Then we will go to the warehouse and whatever we talked about just start attacking and getting done. First we usually take care of all the online orders and ship out all of those. For the last month I have been splitting my time up instead of just painting grip. I have been focusing more on concepts and the next step for stuff.


Just to wrap it up, Do you have any type of plan for the “Mouse Movement” or the direction you would like to see it take?

I like to let things organically evolve and I don’t want to really force anything. I don’t want to blow up my company and start putting my stuff on everything because I tried to get away from that.  I stopped going to distributors and went back on my own because I wanted to keep it smaller. My idea is not being big, I don’t have this mindset to make all of this money, I just want to be able to support my family and girlfriend and that allows me to create new stuff for the world. I just want to keep it going and be out there floating around and hopefully go on trips with the homies every month. I’m just all about living in the now and creating stuff with my hands.


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