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The V360 Camera: Your life in 360 degrees.

by Lindsay Bell

In an age of mountable HD cameras that keep coming out of the wood work, the numbers 1080, the letters HD and stunning wide angle footage have become familiar characters in our day to day conversations. We’ve seen it before, we know what these mountable cameras are capable of and you can’t get through a day at the beach without seeing a GoPro attached to the nose of a board. Technology has brought the privilege of filming excellent quality footage to amateur photographers and athletes around the world and as the future closes in around us, our skills and the available tech to create and capture incredible videos is at our fingertips.

In the spirit of progress, a new front runner has stepped over the line and reinvented our ability to film high quality HD video of ourselves and others performing high impact activities. Enter the V360 Camera. The V360 is just as mountable as the GoPro, Contour and other HD Cameras, but is not restricted to only one angle. On the contrary, the V360 Cam simultaneously films a seamless 360 degree view of everything around it, all at once. For example, if you mount the V360 on the front of your board, it will capture every take off, every bottom turn and every cutback you can throw at it, but at the same time, it can also capture the wave in front of you and your friend paddling up to your right or left.


This allows you to choose which angle you want to see once you open the video on your desktop video viewer. Pan left, right and in a complete 360 to see every possible angle of your footage. It’s the closest thing there is to capturing an actual memory. You can also create panoramic style videos for sharing that display the entire 360 degrees in the frame.


Want to see the V360 in action? Check out this video and pick up one of your very own at BC Surf And Sport and $449.00 MSRP





Silvana Lima Scores 1st Perfect 10 at 2015 Roxy Pro Gold Coast

by Lindsay Bell

So, we think you should know something. Silvana Lima is on fire!!! Matched up in heats against the likes of Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons at this year’s Roxy Pro Gold Coast, Silvana snagged the first 10 point ride of the season this week. Lima ousted Fitzgibbons from the competition with an air reverse that left us biting our nails, earning her that perfect score and leading her on to the next round. Keep an eye on this Brazilian powerhouse throughout the competition live on and check out her 10 point ride below.


Black Friday is ON!

by Lindsay Bell

The shopping event of the year is back and better than ever. Black Friday has arrived at BC Surf & Sport and we’re stoked to reveal the sweet deals that will have you starting the car before you’ve finished this article.

Buy 2 pairs of Stance Socks and get 1 FREE.
Paddleboards from $599 while supplies last.**
All Watches and sunglasses 20% off.
All shoes and sandals 20% off
All apparel 20-60% off

**Locations and hours may vary.
**Florida locations only.


The World’s First GPS Surf Watch

by James Sheff

GPS Surf Watch


The World’s First GPS Surf Watch is finally here from the geniuses’ at Rip Curl, Introducing the SearchGPS watch, it allows you to track every wave, know every tide, and it gives you the ability to re-live every session by syncing your data to the Rip Curl SearchGPS app.  From the moment you get in the water to the last wave of the day, The SearchGPS watch tracks your every move and gives you complete coverage of your surf time, location, and speed, all viewable on your phone or computer. That’s right, Rip Curl provides you with an easy to use phone app and website to re-live every session one wave at a time. Not only can you track your own sessions but you can check out how other Rip Curl Pros like Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina, and Alana Blanchard are surfing and where they have been shredding.

Rip Curl’s Search App is available for the iPhone or any web browser; it allows you to showcase your surf stats on the App or directly share to Facebook. This watch also allows you to connect, compete, and gain insight on friends and other surfers from around the globe. You can create in App Clubs that allow you to compete against other surfers, keep in touch and even set up your next event or trip. It also includes a One Touch Auto Set that makes it super easy to set up tide and time data at any location. On top of all of the functionality this watch offers, The SearchGPS is one size fits all and includes a comfortable and durable band.  Pick up Rip Curl’s SearchGPS watch online, or at your nearest BC Surf and Sport, Re-invent the way you look at Surfing and Join the Search with The World’s First GPS Surf Watch.

Check out Rip Curl’s newest video below showing off their SearchGPS surf watch.



Get ready for the 7th Annual Skim Scare!

by James Sheff


It is that time of the year again! Skim Scare 7 is happening on the south side of the Deerfield Beach Pier Saturday November 22nd at 7:30am sharp, with the first heat starting at 8:00am. There are tons of prizes up for grab from companys like Skullcandy, GoPro, Electric and Stance. The contest is $20 in advance and $30 at the beach on the day of the contest. Lunch will also be provided to all contestants. Make sure you fill out a wavier below or at BC Surf and Sport, Fort Lauderdale or the Billabong Store in Deerfield Beach. There are sure to be plenty of waves and good times for everyone! Mark your calendars for the most anticipated South Florida skimboarding contest of the year, Skim Scare 7, November 22nd at 7:30am. Have any questions? Call 954-564-0202 for more information. See you at the beach!

Fill out the wavier HERE.







Limited Edition Sector 9 Boards at

by NIck Mariano

Here at BC Surf and Sport we have brand new reissued Sector 9 complete longboards. Back by popular demand the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder and Mountain Peaks complete longboards are here! When they discontinued these boards we reached out to our friends at Sector 9 and had them press a brand new batch of the Aperture and Mountain Peaks Longboards. Here at BC Surf and Sport we love to ride the things we sell and we couldn’t watch these boards go the way of the dinosaur.

The Sector 9 Mountain Peaks Complete Longboard uses a drop through truck mounting system which allows greater stability at high speeds. Paired with Gullwing Sidewinder trucks and 69mm Nineball Slalom Wheels the Mountain Peaks is an excellent board for bombing hills or sliding across banks. The Sector 9 Aperture is from the Sector 9 Sidewinder Series and also uses a drop though mounting system. The Aperture is an exceptional board for carving. Great for heading to the beach or cutting across your school’s campus the Sector 9 Sidewinder Aperture is a lightweight board for any occasion. Come into your local BC Surf and Sport today or order online now with free shipping! 


New GoPro Hero4 HD Cameras Coming to BC Surf & Sport

by NIck Mariano

BC Surf & Sport

Roll out the red carpets because with the all new GoPro Hero4 HD Cameras you can finally take cinema quality recordings on a personal device. Here at BC Surf and Sport we are proud to announce that starting on Sunday, October 5th the new GoPro Hero4 Black Edition HD Camera and the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition HD Camera will go on sale! The GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is the most advanced hand-held, personal camera on the market.Hero4 Silver from GoPro

With an incredible high-resolution of 4K30 and 2.7K50 video and high frame rate of 1080p120 the GoPro Black Edition allows you to take Emmy Award Winning videos of life’s adventures. Meanwhile, the new and improved GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition HD Camera boasts the first ever built in touch screen! You can now watch as you video or review your photos and instantly share them online! That’s right. With both the Black and Silver Edition GoPro Hero4 HD Cameras you can watch live streaming video from your phone and instantly share to social media or via email or text message. With GoPro Hero4 you can now take amazing low light video and pictures and time-lapse videos. The GoPro Hero4 HD Cameras will sell out fast so get into your local BC Surf and Sport on Sunday, October 5th, or order online at

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition


The first annual BC Brackets Skate Contest

by Daniel

This month we gave away $2000 at the first annual BC Brackets skateboard contest!  The contest was hosted and judged by our sponsors,  Girl, Independent, Bones,  and Emerica.

Skateboarders from all over Colorado and our neighboring states flocked to Parker skatepark for a two day head to head skateboard battle.  After six rounds of eliminations Julian Christianson took home the $1000 first place prize.

We ended with a best trick contest where our very own Kyle Eggen hardflip backlipped his way into a month’s supply of Stance socks and $300 to boot.



Next year the stakes will be even higher,  don’t miss out!

1st Place – Julian Christianson
2nd Place – Kyle Eggen
3rd Place – Raphael Sanboh

Best Trick – Kyle Eggen


New Santa Cruz x Star Wars Collectible Skateboards Available Now at BC Surf & Sport

by Lindsay Bell

BC Surf And Sport is stoked to announce the release of the second run of limited edition Santa Cruz x Star Wars Skateboards. With new graphics and the same vintage toy inspired blister packaging, each laser etched numbered collectible deck comes with a certificate of authenticity and a deck art poster.

Santa Cruz x Star Wars Collectible Skateboards

If collecting isn’t your thing, each character is also available in a “shred ready” deck so you can ollie with a boost from the Force. The new faces in the lineup are Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, a killer Droids deck featuring C3P0 and R2D2, and a Stormtrooper deck.

Santa Cruz x Star Wars Skateboards Ready To Shred

Two standout pieces in the Santa Cruz x Star Wars collection are the Boba Fett and R2D2 Wood Inlay skate decks. The R2D2 and Boba Fett Inlay Decks are constructed using laser cut maple, elm and walnut burl wood veneers that are then individually hand assembled. These unique longboard decks are laser serial numbered with matching numbered Certificates of Authenticity. Encased in their own custom foil printed and embossed display box, they are both are a must-have for Star Wars and Santa Cruz Skateboards collectors.

Santa Cruz x Star Wars- Boba Fett Inlay

If longboarding’s your jam, Santa Cruz has rolled out new graphics on their smooth gliding cruzer shapes, including a Tie Fighter Drop Thru, a Stormtrooper Jammer, a Darth Vader Jammer and a Boba Fett Pintail.

Santa Cruz x Star Wars Cruzer Longboards

Whether you’re looking for a sick new piece to hang on the wall or a board to ride right away, there’s something for everyone in the second run of the Santa Cruz x Star Wars collabo. Get them at any of our BC Surf & Sport locations or online at


Medina Claims His Third Win at the Billabong Pro Tahiti

by NIck Mariano

With his third win, Brazilian Gabriel Medina has maneuvered himself closer to claiming the ASP World Title.  Staying atop the point’s leader board for almost every event, Medina has seemed to find himself in 2014 by continuing to surf flawlessly.  Medina silenced many when he took on the epic surf at the Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupo’o. In an event that many claimed would go down in the history books, with heats that had seen some of the most amazing tube riding along with wipe outs, Medina survived unscathed and claimed first over Kelly Slater.

The waves were intimidating; monster slabs so big that it was nearly impossible to paddle into them. That didn’t stop many from trying; some succeeding, others not so much. Besides Medina’s bag full of nine-point barrels other notable standouts included Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Michel Borez, and Owen Wright.  Slater looked like the favorite to win scoring multiple perfect ten-point rides in heats and comboing anyone in his way. John John Florence made himself at home standing tall, getting deep, and loving every minute of Teahupo’o left-handed barrels.  The Semi-Final between Slater and Florence saw some of the deepest barrels, latest drops, and the highest scores. In the first seconds of the heat Florence scored a 9.90 and on the wave behind it Slater scored a perfect 10. It was thirty five minutes of some of the best surfing anyone has seen this year.  The heat was so close with each surfer going deeper and later the judges decided the Semi-Final between Florence and Slater would end in a tie. However, Kelly’s ten-point ride proved to be the tie breaker.

Owen Wright lost to Gabriel Medina in the other Semi-Final. Although Wright didn’t go home empty handed, he was awarded with the Andy Irons Most Committed Award for his stellar surfing and overcoming a few serious wipe-outs. Homegrown Tahitian Michel Borez was surfing great throughout the competition until he faced off with Bede Durbige and was eliminated in the fifth round.  Borez was believed to be a favorite in the Billabong Tahiti Pro but has not been able to make it out of the fifth round since joining the tour.

Next stop is the Hurley Pro at Trestles in Southern California from September 9th – 20th. Will Medina keep steamrolling his way to a World Title Crown? Will anyone step up to stop him? Find out here at BC Surf & Sport for all your news and information in the world of action sports.


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